It\’s been a while since my last post and so to kick things back off, I\’m going to dive into the subject of managing your personal branding online in the context of your home business.

What five things can you implement to really improve your personal brand?

1. Don\’t have a lazy approach to your online presence!

When it comes to personal branding, consistency across all your online platforms is vital. This means that all your profiles and posts on each platform must be aligned. This doesn\’t mean that they all have to be exactly the same, just have the same approach. For example: name and job titles should be the same on both your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. You want to avoid having different profiles in a number of different places online as this creates confusion and a lack of trust. When people see the same information in a different way, this consistency will enable people to develop trust in you. Naturally content should be adjusted to suit each platform, so more fun things on Facebook and more business related things on LinkedIn.

2. Don\’t be negative (does that work?)

That statement may not make sense, but you want to have a zero-tolerance policy on posting anything negative, as there really is no reason to. You see it all the time with people moaning and complaining about whatever and what does it solve? Why do they feel the world needs to hear they are unhappy about something or had some disservice? Ray Higdon, posted recently about this very subject on his blog. You want to be adding value to the world, so always keep your posts positive in their nature. If however you are not feeling positive or not in an uplifting mood, don\’t post anything.

3. Would you rather be right, or happy?

Similarly, make sure you never get drawn into pointless discussions or arguments, or give in to the temptation to snap back at someone whose comment was rude or unhelpful. These can often easily escalate into a full blown verbal war! Again, there is no room for this type of content and it should be completely avoided.

4. Consistency is crucial

When it comes to promoting your personal brand, your comments, posts or publications need to be approached with consistency. Respond to all comments with the same mind-set, so that if someone were to compare your responses across different platforms, there would not be any huge differences in your approach, other than the style required for the particular social media platform (i.e. more business-related for LinkedIn and more informal for Facebook etc.)

5. Manners cost nothing

As an addition to this, always make sure you follow up on all likes and comments with a thank you (and introduction if appropriate). This shows that you are genuinely interested in others\’ thoughts and opinions and goes a long way to building a trustful relationship, which can only have a positive outcome for your business.

So in summary, by building a personal brand online and making sure you are adding value to your audience in a consistent manner, you will build up a great online presence and trust from your followers. This makes the step from follower to customer much easier, which will obviously have a hugely positive effect for your business.

Are you using a consistent approach to social media in relation to your online personal branding? Let me know how things are working out for you and what challenges you have and subscribe for regular updates and a free home business guide.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood, UK

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