If Everyday Life is a Challenge...

Grab your daily cheat sheet For living a happy life, To Help You Live The Life You Want And Love The Life You Live!

What Others Are Saying...

"As a sufferer of depression and anxiety myself, I can’t praise Daz’s Cheat Sheet for Living a Happy Life high enough. You don’t have to do all of the things recommended as some may not be for you but please don’t be afraid to try some....I think you’ll be surprised at how much even a small change can make a big difference to your life and how you’re feeling/coping. Thanks Daz for putting this together, it could literally save lives xx"
Angela (UK)
"Daz is an awesome mentor, leader, and friend. He cares about others and always goes the extra mile to make sure you have all you need for success. Daz is always giving value and you know whatever he shares is going to help you"
Michelle (USA)
"Enthusiasm, creativity and support. This describes Daz Baldwin and his approach completely. Daz is an inspiring person to talk to. He motivates and encourages and has broad experience, making him an ideal coach and source of advice"
Jenny (UK)
"I think it’s so helpful for people with mental health conditions and tbh I saw tips that I have never heard of before. It’s really amazing how little changes make such a huge difference in people’s lives"
Angie (Portugal)
"This is a great guide and personally I do a few of these, but there were definitely a few tips I’d like to try!!"
Brian (USA)
"He is an inspiration in himself as he keeps us motivated and on track. He's a natural born and firm leader. He helped me get gain the confidence to actually begin. A lot of effort has been put in on his part to give others such highly valuable guidance and help"
Aliana (UK)
"Daz went out of his way to help and motivated me along the way. He offered support and gave me the necessary tools needed. I'd like to add that I felt very overwhelmed, but Daz's constant reassurance really helped me, for which I am very grateful. Daz is passionate about his work and helping others and is genuine, positive and very inspirational. I wanted to write this testimony to convey my deep appreciation for his help"
Fiona (UK)
"I swear this needs to be part of a syllabus at schools across the nation Daz! I bloody love it! I’m doing some new things already now that you’ve suggested them. And you’ve kept it real and relatable!"
Suzanne (UK)
"I’ve known Daz for many years in fact grew up together and in many places our careers and interests, while very individual, have had many similarities I was thrilled when we re-engaged after many years, what struck me was his passion to achieve his goal, to create the lifestyle he wants and to make it achievable for others. He is committed to helping people maintain a healthy work–life balance. What I saw was beyond my expectations in terms of what can be achieved, the knowledge to do it and the support and framework that makes it work and the motivation that’s needed. One of the things I appreciate most working with Daz is his commitment and selfless dedication to both his goals and helping others"​
Peter (UK)