The Main Reason Why You Don’t Have Daily Consistency

Woke up this morning to a complete white out, blanket of snow!!

Well that was a surprise, but how does that relate to consistency?

Now this may not be such an unusual thing where you live, but in the south of the UK, whenever there is a snow ‘warning’ it generally means a very light dusting which disappears almost immediately!

Despite that, absolutely everything grinds to a halt and almost panic sets it!!!!

So here we are with a lot of snow and this reminds me of how easily things can be derailed in life from what we think is a big issue, but in fact in reality isn’t.

Often this is due to the fact that we are avoiding doing something we don’t really want to do and the ‘major issue’ serves as an easy excuse for us.

How often are you faced with a task and even just the slightest random reason is used for not doing it? Just think for a minute on that…

I’m sure you’ll remember many occasions!

And this is one of the biggest challenges to being consistent with anything, and especially if you are building a home business. Consistency is everything and without it, habits are not formed, trust and reliability disappear and as such, money doesn’t arrive in your bank account!

So, if that’s the case, what can you do to prevent happening?

This is a very good question and unfortunately one that’s not so easy to answer. There are many things you have to do in business and life that aren’t chosen by you, but are essential.

So how do you ensure consistency?

Fundamentally it comes down to whether you are living your life doing things you are actually passionate about and enjoy.

Easier said than done of course, but if you are working towards something that serves you and the world in a positive way, then that’s a good start. You may not be actually building a business, but just by doing something that actually fires you up inside, will give you the spark needed to push on when things are harder or you have to do elements that are less fun.

If you are building a business or want to build a business, the 1000000% key to having consistency of effort is that the business you’re in needs to be something you are VERY passionate about.

Not just something a friend showed you and you think you can make some money from it, but something that you are truly passionate about and it lights you up when you talk about it.

Just for a moment now, imagine what you would love to be doing if time, money or anything else were not constraints.

What would get you out of bed each day?

What would light you up?

What would make you proud to achieve daily?

It’s this alone that is your true passion and as such, needs to be the fundamental basis of whatever business you are in or want to be in.

If not, when ‘it’s snowing’, you’ll easily find an excuse not to send that email, post that video or make that call…

I hope you have a great day and are being consistent 🙂


To Your Happiness and Success


“Helping Online Business Owners Master Consistency and Silence the Inner Critic”

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