This week we have been dog sitting for a family member on holiday and as such, my routine of daily rituals has been impacted, with one of the results being that I am late again with my weekly blog post!
I am of course talking about real first world problems here, but nonetheless it\’s amazing how just a simple change can have such a huge effect on what you do, especially your home business success. This has therefore given me a great opportunity to cover the subject I want to share this week, with the added bonus of elaborating on its effect.

This week I want to share with you something that has been covered a lot by others, because I believe it\’s such an important aspect to your home business success; the importance of daily rituals. Tim Ferriss has a great article in one of his favourite books on this subject here.

What is the importance of daily rituals for your business success?

The answer to this question is really twofold; forming good habits and getting the right mindset.

How to form good habits

When you repeat a behavior enough times to not have to think about doing it, this becomes \’normal\’ and just what you do. A great example of this is brushing your teeth. It\’s part of daily life and would seem odd not to do it. Therefore by setting up useful and positive actions towards your home business success as daily rituals and consistently doing them every day, you will achieve your goals a lot sooner than if you didn\’t.

How to get the right mindset

As I previously mentioned here, repeating things like affirmations and listening to audiobooks on a consistent daily basis can have a really powerful subconscious effect on your home business success. Being regularly exposed to such things as positivity, empowerment and business growth strategies will, over time, catapult you towards the success you are aiming for.

Suggested daily rituals

A simple 15-20 minute meditation will help settle your mind in preparation for the day ahead. Whether you use a mantra or concentrate on your breathing, this is one of the many daily rituals that can give you a great start to the day.

Bulletproof coffee
I have been a long-time promoter of this and have included it in my daily rituals. This it because it gives you sustained energy as well as can help towards weight loss. It is important however to ensure you only use organic butter from grass-fed cows along with quality organic coffee. More details can be found here.

No email until after …am
Not looking at your emails until a certain time (generally after you have set yourself up for the day), enables to start your day with a clear mind, so you can face any challenges a lot easier, without being dogged down with concerns before you even do anything.

No Social media until after …am
Similar to with emails above, not filling your mind with lots of irrelevant stuff before starting your day properly, also allows you to approach things with the right mindset and one to include in your daily rituals.

Expressing gratitude at the start of each day, has an enormously positive effect on your whole state of mind. One great tool to help you with this is the 5 Minute Journal. This is referred to as the journal for people that don\’t like to journal. Having your daily rituals include a simple 3 minutes in the morning just after waking and then a final two minutes just before bed, will have an amazingly positive effect on you and your day ahead.

Do your most difficult task first each day
This is a very simple way to get things done. Often you will put off the most difficult task (which is likely to be the most important) until last, which generally means it gets missed and is pushed to the next day. By getting it completed first, everything else is then perceived as easy and it\’s likely they will all get finished.

Plan for tomorrow\’s tasks
Pre-planning your tasks for the day-ahead before going to bed is a really helpful idea and including this in your daily rituals makes starting the next day a lot easier, so you have a clear set of tasks to concentrate on.

Use a sleep cycles app for waking at the right time
A great way to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed is to use a sleep cycles app on your phone. These measure where you are in relation to deep or light sleep, based on your movement and will wake you up at the right point in a sleep cycle to ensure you are not in a deep sleep. More information on this is available here.

Listening to audiobooks whilst sleeping
In my previous post here, I mentioned about listening to audiobooks whilst you are sleeping. Any information on the recording will be taken in by your subconscious and so by listening in this way as part of your daily rituals, you are actually making practical use of the time when you are asleep.

Since the importance of daily rituals is only gained from actually doing them, why not give yourself a 30 day challenge of doing some or all of the above and prepare yourself to be transformed and catapulted towards your home business success.

I\’d love to hear how you get on and whether you\’ve found this useful. So please leave a comment below and share on Facebook as well as pass on to anyone else you feel may find it helpful.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood, UK

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