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3 Effective Ways To Find Content For Blogs And Videos

Where Do I Find Content or Ideas To Blog About?

How to find content if you’re blogging or doing videos, sometimes this is an often asked question, so, here are three ways … or three techniques that will really help you…

1. Find Content In Forums

This may seem a bit strange because we’re always talking about Social Media, but forums are a hugely powerful place you can find content. What do I mean by that? If you’re marketing in the health and wellness area or diet, weight loss, that kind of thing, there’s always going to be a number of forums…in fact, there’re forums for pretty much everything. Even people who love double glazing or something bizarre like that will have a forum! There are forums for everything.

All you have to do is find those forums. Google “Forums For Weight Loss” or “Forums For Travel” or whatever your niche is. Join the forums and just read through. Sometimes you have to join to read but join. Become part of that community. The important thing is you’re looking out for trends. What people are speaking about or asking about the most. You can generally see that on the Home Page or Overview Page. It generally says how many replies, how many responses, or how many post for that particular subject. If a certain point or question has a huge amount of interest, obviously lots of people have the same issue, have commented, or have a thought or opinion. They are the ones to look at and make note of what the biggest areas of interest and concern are.

Learn what are people’s pains. What are people not understanding or have problems with in that particular genre (the genre of your business). Then, when it comes to blogging, videos and Facebook Live videos, you know what these problems are and can address them. You may already know the answer, or you can Google it and find out, or ask people. Then you’ve got a pile of material for your blog, or Facebook Live, etc. Ao remember, forums are a very powerful and extremely under used resource.

2. Find Content In Facebook groups

These are like the social media version of forms. There are a myriad of Facebook groups out there for every single subject and genre. Join these groups, have a look around, become part of that community. Whether it’s travel, weight loss or cosmetics, whatever your genre/niche may be.

Become part of that community and again look at what people are posting, see what their pains are. See what people are responding. Essentially you can draw inspiration from those real life things that people are actually asking about and having trouble with. Again, you can solve that problem, add some value through your post, your videos, etc.

3. Find Content By Asking people

People you know, basically! Face to face people or on Facebook, Twitter. Ask people what sort of thing they might be struggling with in your particular niche. With travel, what sort of things bugs you about travelling? Or, what’s your biggest struggle with losing weight? Diet, skin care, whatever. Ask people. Just as a little caveat to that, be careful about the “question” post on Facebook because if you’re asking a decent question then it’s fine. It’s the questions like “What is your favourite colour?” that are really inane and pointless. But, if you’re asking a decent, quality question with a view to getting information then that’s completely ok.

Another thing you can do is to use things like Survey Monkey, to get information and you can send out to people or put a link, “I’m doing a survey, I’d really appreciate your help” on a Facebook post and then people click on it. It’s a way of just asking people literally what hassles, what problems, what pains they have in their particular niche or market that you’re looking at. That way, you can get their information, do a little bit of research and find out what the answers are. Facebook Live, blog post, etc, etc.



Hopefully, you’ve got some value from this post. It’s three simple tips that are often overlooked when you’re thinking about content. Please drop a comment below and share with anyone that you feel may also get value from it.

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