In this week\’s post, I want to share with you some thoughts on the language you use and how a simple change to your choice of words can have a significantly positive effect on not only your home business approach, but also your life. Psychology plays a huge part in social interactions and your words can impact this, both positively and negatively.

Why is your choice of words so important?

Knowing how to approach a home business owner or write a good business approach mail is vital when starting out. Obviously you use words to communicate, both spoken, or written and the vocabulary used is not likely to be a conscious choice, but more from a mixture of both education and current social influences. It\’s often said you are the average of the five people you spent most time with. This means that you take on certain aspects of those five people, and one of these aspects is the choice of words. If one of the people you spend most time with has a certain way of saying something or \’catchphrase\’ it\’s highly likely that you will end up copying them, without even being aware of it.
The words you use not only affect others, but can also have a huge effect on you. Unfortunately this is both in a positive and negative way. This is the principle that saying affirmations uses. Therefore it is certainly a good idea to know which things have what effect on you, so you can then make the necessary changes to ensure that you are leaving nothing to chance.

Below are four simple tips to get you started towards a better life and to your home business approach. By consistently changing the way you talk and write, just ever so slightly, you will notice a marked improvement in your outlook and general mood.

1. Totally remove \’Try\’

The use of the word try always seems to represent a non-committal towards a task. Saying that you\’ll try and do something really means that you probably won\’t, but don\’t want to actually say that. It gives the impression that you might, but mostly you have no intention to do it. As the great Yoda said; There is no try, do or do not\’ and he is spot on. Be responsible for your actions and commit to either doing or not doing, rather than the vagueness that \’try\’ represents. It is much better to do your best, rather than try your best!

2. Get rid of \’Should\’

There is something about the word \’should\’ that has a really passive aggressive nature about it. There is a great article here about this too.When you say that someone \’should\’ do something, you are really forcing your opinion of the best way to do something on to them. There are number of other ways to avoid using \’should, for example; Instead of saying \’you should read this coaching book to improve your prospecting\’, a better way is \’this coaching book really helps with prospecting, I recommend you read it\’.

3. Be careful how you use \’but\’

Using the word but after already saying something generally has the effect of negating or lessening the effect of what came before. Therefore be careful when you use it, as you could be diminishing the very thing you want to sound important.

A bad example is;

\’Our company has amazing products, but they are expensive\’

Switched around, gives a good example;

\’Our company has expensive products, but people find them amazing\’

See the difference? You are saying the same in both instances, though the second is diminishing the possibly less attractive factor, clever eh?

4. Remove all negativity

Ideally you will remove ALL negativity from your daily language and this will seriously have a hugely positive impact on you. However as a start, whenever you greet someone and they ask how you are, always respond positively, regardless of whether you aren\’t feeling good or things are not going that well. It sounds contrived, but with practice it can be automatic. So, if you are feeling ill and have just lost your job, still reply with \’I\’m good thanks, how are you?\’. Then and only then, you can add to the conversation about your situation.

Never, ever, ever answer the question of how are you with; \’not bad\’, \’I\’m ok\’ \’could be better\’ etc. or worse still, \’not good\’, \’feeling rough\’ etc. This small change makes a huge difference, because saying something like \’good thanks\’ or \’very well\’, you are actually affirming to yourself that you are in fact good or very well and as such this will reduce any negativity you may be feeling. Try it out!

Why not give yourself a 30 day challenge with making these changes. Over the next 30 days, start to introduce the four things above to your way of daily communicating and see how your life improves, which will in turn improve your home business approach.

I\’d love to hear how you get on and whether you\’ve found this useful. So please leave a comment below and share on Facebook as well as pass on to anyone else you feel may find it helpful.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood, UK

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