Have you ever had days where you really question what you\’re doing with your business and then wonder what home business leaders would do?

You might have had a tough interaction with a prospect, or you\’re not feeling motivated. Maybe it\’s when you have tried something new from a course you have bought. There are so many different aspects to marketing that you are struggling and finding it tough to know really what to do, whether there is a better way. In these situations, I can recommend one thing. Always think: What Would Home Business Leaders Do?

If there are any inspirational leaders that you aspire to or look up to, ask yourself what would they do. For example, one of the leaders in my industry is Ray Higdon and so I ask myself; \”what would Ray do in this situation?\” Thinking about it from this perspective, it allows you to then to step out of yourself and put their likely viewpoint onto the situation.

In general, the answer will always be the same. They would get stuck in and do the work, especially if it is pushing your comfort zone. If you have had a tough interaction with a prospect and you have started to doubt yourself, your company or product, then think what leadership qualities the home business leaders have and what they would do in this situation. They would politely end the conversation and move on to the next person without letting it affect them. They would not take what was said personally, and move on to the next prospect.

When it comes to daily activities, if you\’re having trouble blogging or building websites and funnels, or if you\’re really struggling with motivation, think what would the home business leaders do? If you are having trouble blogging, just write something!

One of the biggest factors that home business leaders attribute their success to is consistency, doing it and doing it and doing it and then doing it again. Keep doing it when other people stop. Consistency is what will set you apart from everyone else because most people quit. They will do it for a little while and then stop. Keep going. Consistency, consistency consistency CONSISTENCY!!!!

Keep going and eventually things will become easier, you\’ll get better at it and as a result you will get noticed not only by your audience, but also other leaders. This will make your audience start buying your products and turning up to your events. Whatever it may be, consistency of effort is a key factor in why the home business  leaders, are leaders.

If you are struggling with motivation, think what would they do in this situation, and most of the leaders have either got blogs or videos, often explaining how they got to where they are and if you look at all of them, the driving factor is the fact that they have consistency. They\’ve consistently done what they do, whether it\’s video output, content on blogs, whatever it may be. Even prospecting. They don\’t just prospect once a week. They consistently prospect daily for X amount of time, not necessarily all day but a set amount of time, and consistently do that. That\’s how you get results and that\’s how you become a leader.

In summary, if you want to know how to get out of a motivational slump or how to actually solve some problems, always think about what would the home business leaders do and the answer will come. However as a general rule, it\’s get on with it when it\’s difficult and consistently put in the effort. Always keep going, and you will get the results that you want.




Hopefully, you\’ve got some value from this post, by considering what home business leaders do in times of difficulty. If you have, I\’d love to hear from you about what you\’re doing consistently, or how you\’re overcome the struggle with motivation, so please drop a comment below and share with anyone that you feel may also get value from it.

Making your success my goal!

All the best



Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

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