Do you know how to be motivated again, when you\’re in an energy slump?


Today I have a another quick life hack for you which is one of my motivation techniques. It\’s something that helps me get through, when sometimes I just don\’t know how to be motivated. It\’s also just a really easy way to have a great life!

It\’s really quite simple really: Be the best you can at everything you do

That\’s it!. Aim to be the best or do the best you can at absolutely everything you do and this will help you to stay motivated. Whether that\’s writing a blog post or doing the washing up. Whatever you do, become almost obsessed with being the best you possibly can at doing that one thing, as you are doing it. Keep focussed and more importantly stay present. Remove all distractions that will hinder your progress of that task, or prevent you from having 100% attention towards it. A great article in Forbes on motivation can be found here.


Life will just be better…

Using this simple hack, you\’ll find is that over time, knowing how to be motivated will actually make things a lot easier. You will find that you\’ll start to actually enjoy them more and more. The side effect of this of course is that everything in your life will be amazing because of your attitude towards doing it. If you are tidying a room, in that moment be the absolute best at tidying. Do it so amazingly that you are then so proud of the results, you want to tell everyone. I know this sounds like madness, but seriously try it and you\’ll be amazed by how good it feels.

If you aim to be the absolute best at the task, in an obsessive way, you\’ll not only enjoy it more but also, positively affect others around you. You are adding value to your life AND that of others, which is an amazing thing to do.




Don\’t be a perfectionist…

I just want to add a word of warning here. When I say the best way of how to be motivated is to become obsessive about the task, I mean in relation to the activity to get it done. What I don\’t mean is to obsess over the details and become a perfectionist. This is the complete opposite of getting motivated and will stall everything. As the quote from Brandon Bouchard goes: \”Version 1.0 is infinitely better than version 0.0\”. Take action in a big way and obsess over completing the task, not over the plan, the font or the small details. The injection of focussed energy and action on a single task will ramp up your motivation and get the ball rolling for everything else.

I hope you got value from this simple life hack on how to be motivated when you\’re in an energy slump. If you have, please comment below with any tips you may have as well as share with anyone that you feel may also get value from it.


Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK


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