WARNING: this post is likely to antagonise a lot of people who want to get rich quick!


How often is your Facebook timeline or email inbox filled with a multitude of supposedly amazing things promoting themselves as \’the secret to success\’, like:

\’How you can start with just $7 and make $19k easily with no real work!\’


\’Start an easy business online for free and be a 7-figure earner in no time!\’

The recurring theme for all of these \’business\’ offers is the concept of get rich quick and that for little or no start-up cost and very little effort, you can be reaping the rewards like the big earners very quickly. They are always prompted with statements like \’no selling or recruiting needed\’ or \’all the work is done for you\’ and lead you into getting involved, believing that you have found the Next Big Thing.

Unfortunately the real truth is that to be successful in ANY business, whether on or offline, you need to put in the work. The get rich quick scheme doesn’t work in reality, it is just a pipe-dream. If you look at all the most successful people in the world, they got to where they are by hard work, dedication and doing what others weren\’t prepared to.

If you want success, particularly with network marketing, you have to work your butt off at least initially and generally for a period of time. Now I\’m not saying that you must work like a slave for 40 hours a week for 40 years to achieve success. Working this kind of schedule is what we\’re told we \’should\’ do to be \’normal\’ and fit in with the rest of society, which is what the average people do. Do you really want to be \’average\’?

If you work hard in the right way, on the right things which is referred to as working smart, this will result in a much better outcome and enable you to have a lot more time and financial freedom.

However this is where the issue for most people lies.

Since it\’s fairly normal to find discomfort in change, the idea of committing to a period of hard/smart work can often be considered difficult, even impossible, Whether it\’s prospecting for your network marketing business or just going to the gym, if you know upfront that the process will take a persistent effort of commitment over a longer period of time, the likelihood of you completing this is very low. This is why things like \’start with just $7 and make $19k easily\’ and other such get-rich-quick schemes, along with \’lose 20lbs in just 7 days without leaving your couch\’ weight-loss products are so attractive. They appeal to your need to achieve your goal without having to suffer the discomfort of making substantial changes to your daily routine.

Now for the controversial statement:

\”If you only ever look for a shortcut, you will never achieve success or reach your goals\”


Let me explain this statement. The biggest factor in achieving success is your mindset. Once you have this correctly aligned with your goals, you will take responsibility, overcome obstacles, meet challenges and do whatever it takes to achieve success, as opposed to making excuses and looking for zero-effort shortcuts.

A great article by Ray Higdon on how it\’s vital to understand that there is no such thing as an automated done-for-you system to build your network marketing business is here.

A friend of mine once said; \’If something has no price, it has no value\’ and I think this really holds true. This doesn\’t just mean a financial price, it can also means the effort and energy you invest. Another well-known quote on this theme is \’nothing worth having is easy\’.

The ironic thing is, most of the offers for the easy way to riches could actually work IF, and this is the important bit, you have the right mindset and put in the right effort. Most of the techniques are valid, however they are always promoted in a way that implies you need no effort, which of course appeals to more people and therefore sells more products. If something was advertised as being hard work for the results you want, would you buy it? This highlights how it\’s all about your mindset. If you think in a cheap, low-effort kind of way, you\’ll get the corresponding results.

However if you think big, aim high and believe that you\’ll get amazing results from consistently working your butt off in the right, smart way, you\’ll also get the corresponding results.

I want to lastly add one other related point. Since you are bombarded with new ideas, techniques and \’better\’ ways to achieve that 7-figure income, please avoid the temptation to constantly jump onto the latest new idea, seeing this as the answer to your quest for success. By all means check out new things, as there\’s always something to be learned. However, the real key to success is consistency in whatever your are doing and so the more you jump around from technique to technique, you are actually reducing your overall consistency and therefore its effect.

So in summary, you may be able to get rich quickly in your mind. However if you want real success from your home business, stop looking for the easy way out, roll your sleeves up and get involved – go big or go home! The harder something is to achieve, the more rewarding it will be when mastered. Take responsibility for your own actions and don\’t lay the blame on others if things aren\’t as easy as you thought they be. The success of your home business is 100% your responsibility and it comes from you marrying determination and effort to your vision.

How have you got your mind \’rich\’ and keep focussed on your plan to avoid the distraction of the many \’latest techniques\’ out there? Leave a comment below to let me know and share with anyone that you think will get value from this post.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK


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