I\’ve just been listening to a podcast from my friend Ray Higdon, and I just want to share something with you that I really connected with. Basically the magic word is LEVERAGE.

When you have a job you\’re trading your time for money. If you do the work, you get paid. If you don\’t show up, you don\’t get paid, it\’s as simple as that. One of the main benefits for having a home business and entrepreneurship in general is to be able to leverage in your activities. Basically you want to do things that are potentially then going to pay you multiple times for that one activity, without any further time having to be in by you. Knowing how to make money online and networking are just two great examples of how you can leverage your time in an efficient way.

Another great article on how you can leverage your time for greater success can be found here.

A great example of this is blogging. You put out some valuable content in a blog post. That then stays out there forever and can help towards you getting residual income. You\’ve spent the initial hour or so writing the blog post and that\’s it, no further requirement from you is needed. Then multiple people can see that blog post and get value from it over and over again. This is one of the best way of leveraging time and money.

As Ray said in the podcast, he still gets leads and sales from blog posts they wrote five years ago! The content that\’s out there is essentially like a small army of you, out there in the world promoting you and your services. The more pieces of content you\’ve got out there, blog posts, videos, etc., the more activity that\’s actually going on, without you having to physically do anymore after creating the initial piece of content. In this way, you are actually leveraging your time in a very, very efficient way and by doing this, you\’ll actually get more leads and more sales without any further efforts or activity.




Now you know that how you leverage your time effectively, you can really multiple the success of your network marketing business. I hope that you\’ve got value from this. If you have, please share it around and comment below.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

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