Why do really successful people take massive action?

You have goals, ideas and dreams, but in the end without taking action, that\’s how they stay. However, for the really successful, just taking action is not enough for them, they actually take massive action, to an almost obsessive level.

This initially is may seem excessive and surely obsessing over something is not a good idea right? Well, that\’s the mindset of the majority, which leads to them living mediocre lives. If you look at history, it is full of stories of what people had to do to achieve their success and if look deeper, you\’ll see that it was almost always down to some form of massive action.

On the personal and business development front, the idea of taking massive action is highly prized by the likes of Anthony Robins, Matt Morris and and Grant Cardone who have all written about this with great importance.

An example of how massive action can have an exponential effect is if you are prospecting for your network marketing business and are contacting people about your opportunity, make sure the number of people you call each day is many times the number you initially thought of as being possible. So if you thought of calling 10 people, make sure you set up a massive action day and call a hundred – and yes, this is actually possible! Since not everyone you speak with will want to take a look at your opportunity, it\’s obvious that the more you speak to the better and so massive action here, will definitely reward you with better results. One of the positive side effects of a massive action plan in anything is a huge increase in your skill level for that task, as it\’s along the same lines of practice makes perfect.

One of the ways to really get yourself into the massive action mindset is to go at it with a \’5 minutes of madness\’ approach. This means that you plan to just spend 5 minutes only on the task, but in those 5 minutes, you will attack whatever it is in an almost crazed fashion, as if your life depended on it. This ridiculously obsessive approach has the effect of focussing your mind on the task in hand and as such you get going. Then once you are off and continue for the 5 minutes, it then seems ridiculous to stop and so it\’s very easy to carry on and actually complete the task, which could even take hours.

It\’s a well known fact that I am a big fan of Grant Cardone and his book \’The 10X Rule\’ really makes the case for massive action. I have no affiliation with Grant, but I really do recommend this book. Essentially he says that whatever your goal is, you should aim for one that is ten times the size and then put in ten times the effort you believe will be needed. He says this will ensure you reach your goal at the bare minimum, but by having a massive action plan that\’s ten times what you want to achieve, even if fall short, you\’ll still be well ahead of your original goal.

In summary, the way to really achieve extraordinary results is to do something extraordinary and it has been shown by some of the most successful people that this \’something\’ is taking massive action.

What massive action have you taken and what were the results?

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood, UK

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