What Daily Money Making Activities Are You Doing?

Have you ever found yourself putting in a lot of effort and time into activities for your home business, but basically nothing is really happening? You\’re not getting leads, you\’re not getting sales, and you\’re just not getting any traction with your business. I\’ve been asked this many times and it\’s something that a lot of people (including me) have experienced, as it\’s very easy to get distracted and then concentrate on the wrong things and not activities that can make money.

My advice is to concentrate on MMA. Now, that\’s not Mixed Martial Arts…MMA is Money Making Activities. If you\’re spending all your time polishing your website, getting the font right, getting the pictures to look pretty and all kinds of activity for when someone is on your site, it\’s completely irrelevant unless people are actually looking at your website. Unless you\’re generating a lot of leads, sending people to your website and subsequently not getting conversions because of the lack of content, then that\’s the problem to be solved.

There is a great blog post here, that shows some more efficient daily activities to get money

Something I heard from someone I admire greatly, Grant Cardone is basically you should create problems to be solved. If you haven\’t got a lot of leads coming to your website, the problem is getting the leads. Forget the how the website looks initially, you can sort that out later. Get the leads and get eyes on the website. Once you\’ve got a lot of people coming to the website, THEN and only the, if it\’s not quite as you would like it to be, then you can polish the website. Once you improve your website and people decide there\’s not enough content or information available, that\’s another problem to be solved. Basically you create your activity based on the need of the market as opposed to what you think the market needs. That way you\’re always going to be addressing a need as opposed to something that\’s just a plain guess. Let the market tell you what they need and simply fulfil that need. These are the activities to earn money

Don\’t just guess what people need and then spend all your time creating a website or building a funnel etc. If you have nobody looking at your funnel, why are you building a funnel? You need an audience. You need to be getting leads. Get those people coming in, then build the funnels that they can look at. Then build the offers from there. It\’s a process, but unless you start at the beginning and concentrate on the right Money Making Activities,you\’ll be wasting a lot of valuable time and money. By starting at the end and working backwards you\’re going to be spending lots (and lots and lots and lots!) of time doing lots (and lots and lots and lots!) of work with absolutely zero results. You may be thinking you\’re being busy towards your business, actually you\’re not spending your time on the correct things that are actually going to be able to bring income into your business. i.e. LEADS. Which is basically the fundamental requirement for any business to grow.




What daily money making activities are you doing, or do you find yourself doing things that aren\’t in fact money making? Comment below and let me know


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Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

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