One of the pre-requisites for network marketing success is having the right mindset and this coupled with the physical energy to keep going when building your business around a full-time job are often the two things that a lot of you can find challenging.  Nearly year ago I started a new job and throughout this time I’ve been constantly asked (almost daily) how I’m so positive and have so much energy.

Therefore, I’ve decided to put a quick post together to explain the secret to my ‘Tigger’ like personality and how you too, can easily achieve these, which can not only give you a better, happier life but also really transform your network marketing success.

So what are the 2 simple steps?

1. Start the day with positivity

I find it great to watch something uplifting, motivational or even just funny on YouTube. This will get your mind on an upward trajectory for the day, which will  really help you to embrace new ideas, have more empathy towards people and generally give you a mental ‘skip in your step’ to take on the day ahead.

As I wake after using my sleep cycle app to wake me at the optimum time (see here for more details) I like to go over my goals in my mind before getting out of bed. It is better to read them out loud, though sometimes this is not practical, so a good compromise is to reiterate them to yourself in your mind.

Exactly the same applies to affirmations. Out loud to yourself in the mirror is always the best way. However if again this not practical, then to yourself in your mind is a very good compromise.

Since I want to be honest with you, I do my absolute best to do these BEFORE looking at emails, Facebook etc., as this has the best effect. However the reality is that sometimes I will do these the other way around. If I do, as the day starts I can actually feel a difference in my positivity and so it’s really important to make sure that you front load your day with as much positive ammunition in advance of the onslaught of the world’s negativity. Give it a go, it will literally change your life!

I actually take this to a whole different level and haven’t actively watched television news or read newspapers for years. This is perhaps like living in a bubble (which I am often told), but it works!

There is way too much negativity in the world which to be honest about 99% of which is entirely irrelevant to you… and yet you let it smother you daily. At the minimum it will put you in a less positive mood for the day (which is likely to feel ‘normal’ since you are so used to it) or worst, it will prevent you from making changes, working on something new or achieving your goals

Leave the negativity to everyone else and stand out from the crowd

2. Resveritrol

This stuff is just amazing. It\’s a naturally occurring anti-oxidant found in dark colour fruits like black grapes and blueberries. I’ve been having it daily for about a year and as well as increased energy levels, I have definitely had a lot less colds, which I always seemed to have before.  The benefits are amazing and further information can be found here. This one simple addition to your diet will really help to transform your health.

Of course it’s not a magic-miracle-cure-everything-potion, but what it does do is turbo-boost your immune system which reduces how much energy it needs to work, thus giving YOU more energy. For the sake of full disclosure and openness, the network marketing company that I am affiliated to produces a resveritrol product, which I can give you more information on if you are interested. My point is that this naturally occurring anti-oxidant can be so beneficial to the body, I definitely recommend that you check it out.

Having a better working, more healthy body is vital to any success in life, whether it’s personal or business.

These two simple things have really transformed my life and can easily do the same for you. Just to be completely clear here, as with anything consistency is the key. Don’t expect to watch a funny video, say some affirmations, have some resveritrol for two days and boom, your life has totally transformed and you\’re achieving amazing network marketing success. There will be some days that you’ll miss as we all do. However by doing this as daily as you can, it will make a huge difference.

You may actually not actually notice the change yourself. It’s more likely your friends and family will start to notice ‘something different’ about you. It’s also likely that you’ll suddenly realise you are now comfortably doing things you never dreamed you could towards your network marketing success.

So why not give it a go and see just how you can actually transform your life by using these 2 simple steps?

I\’d love to hear how you get on and whether you\’ve found this useful. So please leave a comment below and share on Facebook as well as pass on to anyone else you feel may find it helpful.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin

Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood, UK

P.S. If you are using social media to help build your business and sometimes find the best approach can be tricky, I highly recommend you check out this great training by Max Steingart here.

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