When promoting your business opportunity, have you ever been faced with objections and rejection when you have lead with the financial benefits that your prospect could enjoy if they got started?


Something I want to share with you today is a simple thing. When you\’re promoting your business opportunity, often the natural thing to lead with is money, like \”do you want to make an extra X a month\”, \”you can make $10,000 a month\”, or \”some leaders a making a million a year by doing this\” and this kind of thing.

The problem is that whilst those people are likely to be interested in the extra money and that money is an important factor in a business, a lot of people do associate the idea of making more money with time.

This aligns with another subject which cover in another post, called leverage. If you re proving a business on social media and lead with the financial benefits, people think that to make more money, they have to put more time in, so often an objection you may get is, \”oh no, I don\’t actually have any time to do that, I\’m not interested\”. However that\’s not actually the case with a lot of home businesses. The whole point is being able to leverage your time, and therefore get passive income.

A great article from Inc details how focussing on your brand rather than the financial benefits can be found here.

Therefore with any small business marketing, a way to approach people when promoting your business and attract people into your business is not to lead with the financial benefits, but rather that the opportunity is a way for them to achieve freedom. To have freedom to buy the things they want, go the places they want to go, do the things they want to do whenever they want, that\’s pure freedom, which is something that most people don\’t have.

They\’re tied to a job or have financial restrictions where they need permission to actually go and do that thing. If you can lead with your opportunity that it is a way to give them freedom in their life, it\’s a much easier way for them to actually understand and take on the idea that you\’re offering, as opposed to just money. As I said, they\’ll associate that with having to put in more time and more effort, to which they are likely to object.

Promoting your business as freedom, and the idea of offering them freedom, they\’re more likely to be open to the idea, therefore listen, view your presentation, and hopefully join your business.




You now know that when promoting your business opportunity, it\’s better to lead with the freedom it offers, rather than just the financial benefits. I hope you\’ve got some value out of this post, so if you have, please share around with anyone you think might be interested and leave a comment below


Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

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