Have you ever really wondered if there\’s a way to quickly build your brand and streamline the many links you have?

Whether it\’s a link to a webinar or a book, is there an easy way to streamline all of your links and websites?

The simple answer is YES!

Something I use personally to build brand identity which I found recently and has really catapulted my streamlining across everything I do, is a WordPress plugin called PrettyLink In essence, it allows you to take any link, whether it\’s a webinar link or a link to an eBook or an affiliate site, and change the URL to something that\’s more inline with your branding and therefore helps to quickly build your brand.


For example, something I do to build brand awareness, there\’s a weekly webinar that I run.

Rather than the long webinar, www.gotowebinar.com/12345/zxcvvb etc., (it could be anybody\’s webinar),

I\’ve now changed that using Pretty Link, to www.dazbaldwin.com\\weeklywebinar.

Much cleaner, much prettier, and it\’s branded as me.

Here\’s another great article about branding yourself on LinkedIn

It\’s much better to build brand equity, because that way people immediately associate that with you, rather than you linking out to someone else, or someone else\’s webinar. It could be someone else\’s webinar, or someone else\’s product, but because it\’s under your branding, it brings everything back to you and back to your blog, back to your website, which is what you ultimately want to be.




So check out: http://www.dazbaldwin.com/ prettylink for more information on this great plugin and start streamlining your links.

I  hope you got some value from this and now know how to quickly build your brand and streamline the many links you have. If so, please add a comment below and share with anyone you feel may also get benefit.

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

P.S. If you are using social media to help build your business and sometimes find the best approach can be tricky, I highly recommend you check out this great training by Max Steingart here.



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