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They Laughed When I Said I Would Cook,

But When They Tasted The Food… 


\”Can he really cook?\” a girl whispered. \”Heavens no!\” Arthur exclaimed. “He\’s never even cooked toast in his life.”


Arthur had just cooked an amazing 3 course meal for the group of friends. The room rang with applause. I decided that this would be a dramatic moment for me to make my debut. To the amazement of all my friends, I strode confidently into the kitchen, saying “now it’s my turn”.

\”Jack is up to his old tricks,\” somebody chuckled. The crowd laughed. They were all certain that I couldn\’t cook anything edible.

\”Can he really cook?\” I heard a girl whisper to Arthur.

\”Heavens, no!\” Arthur exclaimed “He\’s never even cooked toast in his life… But just you wait, this is going to be good.”

I decided to make the most of the situation. With mock dignity I picked up the largest cooks knife and sharpening steel, walked back into the room and ‘expertly’ sharpened the knife. Then I returned to the kitchen.

\”What do you think of his execution?\” called a voice from the rear.

\”We\’re in favour of it!\” came back the answer, and the crowd rocked with laughter. 


Then I Started to Prepare Some Food


Instantly a tense silence fell on the guests. The laughter died on their lips as if by magic. I continued chopping and preparing the ingredients and then started to put everything together in a couple of pans on the stove.

I heard gasps of amazement. My friends sat breathless — spellbound!

I cooked on and as I cooked I forgot the people around me. I forgot the hour, the place, the breathless onlookers. The little world I lived in seemed to fade — seemed to grow dim — unreal.

Only the the food and my cooking was real. Only the ingredients and visions they brought me.

Visions as beautiful and as changing as the wind blown clouds and drifting moonlight that long ago inspired the greatest chefs. 

It seemed as if the master chefs themselves were speaking to me — speaking through the medium of cooking — not in words but in the sounds of chopping, whisking and grilling. Not in sentences but in exquisite flavours!


A Complete Triumph!


As the last ingredients of the dish were added, the room resounded with a sudden roar of applause. I found myself surrounded by excited faces. How my friends carried on! Men shook my hand — wildly congratulated me — pounded me on the back in their enthusiasm! Everybody was exclaiming with delight — plying me with rapid questions… \”Jack! Why didn\’t you tell us you could cook like that?\”… \”Where did you learn?\” — \”How long have you studied?\” — \”Who was your teacher?”

\”I have never even seen my teacher,\” I replied. \”And just a short while ago I couldn\’t cook a thing.”

\”Quit your kidding,\” laughed Arthur, himself an accomplished cook. \”You\’ve been studying for years. I can tell.”

\”I have been studying only a short while,\” I insisted. \”I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surprise all you folks.”

Then I told them the whole story.

\”Have you ever heard that you can learn all the best tips and tricks of high end cooking, all online in your own time… having access to your very own cooking teacher, a virtual Cordon Bleu School of Cooking?\” I asked.

A few of my friends nodded. \”That\’s an online membership group, isn\’t it?\” they exclaimed.

\”Exactly,\” I replied. \”They have a new simplified approach that can teach you to cook any dish easily just a few weeks.”


How I Learned to Cook Without a Teacher


And then I explained how for years I had longed to cook all the amazing food I’d eaten at restaurants.

\”A few months ago,\” I continued, \”I saw an interesting Facebook post for something called Tasty Eats For Busy Peeps, a membership group that was offering a new method of learning to cook which costs way less than a Starbucks coffee a day! 

The post told how a woman had mastered French cooking in her spare time at home — and without a teacher! Best of all, the wonderful new method she used, required no laborious theory or evening classes — no pointless exercises — no tiresome practising. It sounded so convincing that I entered my name and email to request the Free PDF of 5 minute Easy snacks and then immediately took up the amazing offer of 10 days trial membership for just £1

\”The free df arrived promptly in my inbox and I started that very night to try sone of the very simple, but tasty dishes. I also got immediate access to the private group and saw how it would help me in overcoming my lack of confidence of cooking.

I was amazed to see how easy this new approach to cooking really was — as easy as A.B.C.! And, as the tuition continued they got easier and easier. Before I knew it, I was cooking all different types of dishes I liked best. Nothing stopped me. I could cook inviting starters or hearty main courses, all with equal ease! And I never did have any special talent for cooking!\”


Cook Any Type of Food


You too, can now learn to be an accomplished cook — right at home — in less than half the usual time. You can\’t go wrong with this simple new method which has already shown so many people how to cook their favourite dishes.

Forget the old-fashioned idea that you need special \”talent.\” Just read the list of cuisines in the panel, decide which one you want to cook and Daz Baldwin will do the rest. And bear in mind no matter which type of food you choose, the cost in each case will be the same — less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee a day.

No matter whether you are a mere beginner or already know your way around the kitchen, you will be interested in learning about this new and wonderful approach.


Get Started on Your 10 Day Trial Now for Just £1! 


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