Have you ever considered that when certain things happen to you, how you respond is controlled by 3 simple letters, which really are the success secrets you\’ve been looking for?

One of the success secrets I discovered a couple years ago, which my good friend Brian Kight teaches, is a concept called E + R = OEvent + Response = Outcome. Now this is a very, very important thing to consider, as it occurs in all areas of you life, not just business. Life events will always happen. Your car may break down, you may hurt yourself, someone may get ill, you may get ill or you may lose your job etc. These things just happen in life. You could be very fatalistic about it and think, \”Okay, well, you can\’t really do much about these things…\” But the important thing is how you respond to these.

As I said, my friend Brian teaches this concept and more information can be found on his site here.

It\’s not about just pretending…


I\’m not immediately suggesting that whatever happens to you, you act as if everything\’s great, that\’s not the idea. But how you respond to the events will massively affect the outcome. If your car breaks down, and you react very negatively, treating it as though it\’s the end of the world and completely fall into a slump, then the rest of your day, week, or longer, is going to be very much affected and brought down to that level. This one event is going to have a huge, huge effect on the rest of your activities for the rest of the day.

Whereas, if you respond to the event from a purely factual perspective, like, \”The car\’s broken down. It is what it is. I have to get it fixed. I don\’t know how I\’m going to get it fixed, but those are the facts,\” and just respond to the facts, then you\’re going to have a much better outcome, This is because you\’re looking at the situation with more of a neutral perspective. You\’re obviously not excited by the fact your car\’s broken down, but you\’re also not brought down your whole emotional state and as such, the rest of the day, and other people around you are not affected.

The event happened and there\’s nothing you can do about it, so now it\’s time to look at ways of dealing with the issue at hand. It\’s perhaps a very stoic way of looking at things and I\’m very much a fan of the whole concept of stoic philosophy.

Another friend Ryan Holiday has an amazing book on this concept called The Obstacle Is The Way.

The E + R = O concept will have an amazing effect on your life, when you actually think about how you will respond to an event, rather than just reacting emotionally as you normally would.

It happened to me…


I have a great example of this in action. A few years ago, I was flying home from a conference, from LA to London, via Toronto. When I arrived in Toronto, my bags unfortunately didn\’t!. In just one connection, my bags had somehow been mislaid. I could have reacted very negatively, but I didn\’t. My bags weren\’t there and that was that. No amount of getting annoyed or other negative behaviour would change that. So, I was very polite, friendly, almost joking with the ground staff about the fact and filled out the necessary forms.

When I proceeded to check in for my next flight to London, I got upgraded to first class! Maybe this was just a coincidence. There was though, an effect from my behaviour, which at the very least made my day happier and probably that of the ground staff too. Maybe it was karma, who knows. But the bottom line is you can have a huge effect on the outcome and how things turn out if you\’re very aware of how you respond to a certain event.

From a business standpoint, if you already have an online business, or just starting a home based business this is a very simple way of how to be successful. When you speak with prospects and you are faced with negativity or or even abuse, remember the success secrets of E + R = O. Instead of reacting, respond in a positive way. This will not only make you come across professional, but also prevent your mood for that moment and the rest of the day being dragged down. It is also likely to have a positive effect on your prospect.




Now you know that if you choose how you respond to an event it will affect the outcome. This is one of the best success secrets. I hope that you\’ve got value from this. If you have, please share it around and comment below.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK


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