Imagine if every time you spoke with a prospect, you actually talked them out what they want to buy?

I want to share something that is simple, though has had a remarkable affect on my business and I think it\’s an inherent psychological issue that we all face when we look at people what they want to buy. When you\’re speaking to people to offer them your product or service, often there is a natural fear of coming across too salesy. You think \”I don\’t want to be seen as a typical sleazy car salesman\”.

Whilst this is a very good point, it\’s important to realise that when you are speaking to someone, there\’s more often than not, an element of expectation from your prospect that you are going to sell or offer them some service with a cost involved. Now if you don\’t offer anything for them to buy, it\’s often very, very disappointing to them because they are probably actually looking for a paid product or service. They may be looking for help and have attached a certain value to that. If you then either don\’t offer something for sale or a service, or you offer free advice, free coaching, that kind of thing, then there\’s likely to be an element of disappointment.

They\’re probably thinking, \”well okay, I was expecting something of value from this guy and actually no, he\’s got nothing of any value to give me. It\’s just some free stuff\”. This can highly disappoint them and therefore turn them away. The example I have of that is with my own business. For a long time and still do, offer a lot of free coaching, free advice and free guidance, I\’ll help anyone in their business, but the thing I noticed was that when speaking to people and the natural question came of of \”how much is this going to cost me?\”. I was\’t thinking of what people want to buy online.

A great article about what people want to buy on black Friday shows that by knowing that people DO want to buy, it almost gives you permission to sell, can be found here.

With this, there was that immediate sort of panic internally, thinking oh, I don\’t want to come across salesy, I don\’t want to out price myself or things like that. For a long, long time I was just saying no, no problem, it\’s free. I give free advice, I\’m here to help. Of course a lot of people said \”okay, thanks for that, show me some information\” but I can tell straight away that there was a huge difference in their attitude and their interest, as if inside they were saying \”okay this is something free, it\’s not of any value to me whatsoever basically\”.

The moment I started to say, when people ask me okay, what\’s this going to cost? The moment I start to say this is going to cost you $149 a month, it was amazing the amount of interest that I then got. It seems to be counter intuitive because if you put a price on something and maybe a fairly pricey price for some people, that you\’re going to turn people away, it\’s amazing because there\’s now a tangible value and they can see, oh if I spend this, I\’m going to get this help and I can get these kind of results in my business.

It\’s truly, truly amazing the change that I saw in my business by just giving a price and standing by that and then when people ask, what do I get for that price? You can then list the benefits and how those benefits are actually going to help them. Truly amazing. It just transformed my business. What I can tell you, a summary of this is basically, whilst it\’s very good to give, give, give and give things away for free and add value, when it comes to actually providing a service, your actual service that your business provides, don\’t be afraid to actually offer the service at a price and don\’t be afraid to sell a service or product because often that\’s actually what people are looking for.


Now you know that that when people want to buy, don\’t be afraid to actually sell, which will really help both your income as well as your reputation as an authority in your field or niche. I hope that you\’ve got value from this. If you have, please share it around and comment below.

Making your success my goal!

All the best


Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

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  1. Wow Daz,
    What an interesting topic. As I scrolled through your Home Page, this Headline JUMPED out at me. I had to find out if I was guilty of this terrible crime against my OWN business.

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