For today\’s post, I have to share with you something that is so powerful, yet simple it can so easily change not only your day but if done regularly, your entire life.


I wanted to record a quick video for this post and did so. However as I was walking and am so unfit, it sounded like I was tracking up a mountain, so I decided to just screenshot the vid!


In a word, it\’s GRATITUDE. Knowing how to show gratitude for what you have is a truly amazing thing. \’But Daz\’, you may say, \’I don\’t have anything to be grateful for…my job sucks, I have no money, my health is poor\’ etc. etc.

Now these things may very well be the case and for many of us, there are even worse things we are dealing with. Therefore for me to ask, aren\’t you thankful? or why aren\’t you grateful?, it seems bizarre, right?

However, it all comes down to to perception and perception IS reality. You may well have some things you\’re dealing with, but for a moment, consider looking at them from a different angle, for example;

You may be waking up early today for a job you hate, tired and sleepy – I bet this you know this feeling right?

Well consider these facts, which you can be grateful for:

You have a job and you have a bed!


Both of these are things that a lot of people actually don\’t have, so don\’t take them for granted, be grateful.

To take this a step further and really make a difference to your day and life is to show gratitude for all the things in your life by saying it out loud every morning when you wake up. This can be whilst still in bed or in the bathroom, it doesn\’t matter. The point is that solidifying your gratitude by saying it out loud, it kind of re-programs your subconscious mind and when done over time has the effect of helping to banish negativity from your mind altogether!

10 Things Grateful People Don’t Do can be found here

If you really want to then take it to the next level and remove ALL negativity from your life, get in touch with me personally at and I\’ll send you my free guide on how I have achieved an almost 100% negative-free lifestyle. Be warned though, some points may seem extreme. However if you want to banish all negativity from your life, I can show you how.

So if you now think about the question; Why Aren\’t You Grateful? you may well have a different answer…

I hope that you got some value from this post on how to show gratitude and if so, please leave a comment and share with anyone else that you feel may find it useful.

All the best
Daz Baldwin
Home Business Leader
Paddock Wood. UK

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